Saturday 6.7.

On Saturday, the audience will be entertained by the Timo Lassy Trio and the Repin & Rauhala Duo. The Kids’ Workshops will amuse the children, and freestyle footballer Emmi Björn will perform around the area. The Linnanmäki Circus School students will also be performing!

Lasten uutisten puisto 11:00-18:00 (Childrens’ area)

Lasten uutisten puisto is a cheerful green oasis in the middle of the event area for children and adults alike! You can find it at the intersection of Satamakatu and Kanavakatu, next to Uspenski Cathedral.

Workshop Area

Skidit työpajat

Lasten uutisten lava (Stage)


Päistikka Duo

Mimmit Duo

Other Activities in the Lasten uutisten puisto

TipTop Walkers

Freestyle Footballer Emmi Björn


Street Stage 11:00-18:00

The Street Stage will feature a variety of stylish atmospheres over four days. Serving as the lounge stage for the restaurant area, this small stage will delight with a diverse lineup of local talents and international jazz artists, as well as energetic DJ’s. The stage will also feature interesting maritime stories!

“Adventure Sails”

Maritime Stories by Luontoliitto and the John Nurminen Foundation:

Juho Flow interviewing Trash Day Eino and a Luonto-Liitto activist:
“Trash and the Baltic Sea”

Juho Flow interviewing inventor Janne Käpylehto
“Thrilling Sea Adventures”

Juho Flow interviewing maritime expert Juulia Suikula

(Note: At 14:30 JuhoFlow Meet & Greet will be held at the Luontoliitto and John Nurminen Foundation booth, Keisarinluodonlaituri)

Live Music:

Timo Lassy Trio

Repin & Rauhala Duo


Espan lava

What would an international youth sailing event be without the city’s own youth joining the festivities? Helsinki Youth Services will organize a Myötätuuli Club in connection with The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2024, where the stage will be taken over by the city’s own promising talents! During the day, the stage will also host Päivitä Leino in honor of Eino Leino Day.

Myötätuuli Club Program:

Emma School Mixtape

Atso Dunkel

Kraiden Live Band


Hugo Cajan & Todellisuus

Päivitä Leino Program:

On Eino Leino Day, July 6th, the Esplanade Stage will feature top poets, spoken word artists, rappers, and singer-songwriters in the traditional Päivitä Leino event.

Helena Sinervo

Emma Leppo

Jaakko Laitinen & Harri Kuusijärvi

Announcement of the Eino Leino Prize Winner

Asa & Holtsu


Helsinki City Museum 11:00-16:30

As part of The Tall Ships Races Helsinki event, the The Eco-Crisis, Our Future and Mental Health -project will organize an Ilmastokahvila (Climate Cafe) and a Huolituoli-reception, where you can discuss climate issues and share your thoughts with trained guides on the event days.

Ilmastokahvila (Climate Cafe)

13:00-16:00 (start times)

Worriies on your mind? Huolituoli-appointments available from June 20th! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT HERE


Event Area 11:00-22:00

Research Vessel Aranda open for public
“Säröjä” AV installation (Inside Research Vessel Aranda)

11:00-20:00 Exhibition area (Keisarinluodonlaituri)
Luontoliitto and John Nurminen Foundation Presentation Booth
Muoviton Meri -campaign
Roskapolku -start
HSY presentation point
Roskaton Helsinki -photobooth

JuhoFlow Meet & Greet at the Luonto-Liitto and John Nurminen Foundation booth (Keisarinluodonlaituri)

21:00 (Vironallas)
Sweet Fork Band

Other performers

Linnanmäki Circus School

TipTop Walkers

Acrobat Rae Reinvall

Freestyle Footballer Emmi Björn

Photo: Tero Ahonen