Windows 95 Man crowned the Crew Party

The youth sailors of The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2024 were treated to a lively time at the crew party, where the surprise performer Windows 95 Man took the stage in his legendary style, sporting mini denim shorts.

The traditional Crew Party is held in every city on The Tall Ships Races tour. Each port offers unique cultural experiences and maritime heritage. For young sailors, the crew parties are a highlight of the event and an excellent opportunity to forge international friendships.

The festive atmosphere was high from early evening. By eight o’clock, the Olympiaterminal was filled with cheerful chatter. The early evening was spent in close-knit groups, but later on, there was active mingling to make new acquaintances. The food was delicious, and the day’s crew program events were recounted with smiles.

DJ Academy’s young DJs set the rhythm with a techno-heavy set in the early evening. The most enthusiastic hit the dance floor early on, while techno music was more unfamiliar to others. Two crews stood out in the crowd: the “Wasp shirts” of the sailing ship office and the Ecuadorian Guayas crew in their formal uniforms.

Andres from Ecuador shared that Guayas sailed to Helsinki from Maryland, USA, in 23 days, braving some rough storms along the way. This was Andres’ first time on a sailing ship, having previously been only on a warship.

“Andres compared sailing to be more enjoyable when you have to take care of the sails and perform very different tasks on the ship,” Andres explained.

Andres thinks Helsinki is a beautiful city, where he never imagined he would go. After the party, the crew planned to head into town and explore the local nightlife.

The surprise performer lit up the dance floor.

The main act Windows 95 Man came as a surprise, as intended. Many guests from outside Europe had priceless expressions when the embodiment of ’90s nostalgia started his set with the anthem “Join the navy.”

Known for his wild and energetic performances, Windows 95 Man, real name Teemu Keisteri, was the perfect man to boost the party atmosphere. Windows 95 Man commanded the stage with his charisma, entertaining the audience with familiar party hits and uniquely quirky dance moves.

His set included “Gangnam Style,” “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” and “I like to move it,” and the dance floor was indeed moving. At times, dance-offs on the floor threatened to steal the show from the main act.

The set’s two definite highlights were the Eurovision song “No Rules!” played around the midpoint and the surprise hit “Cha Cha Cha” by Käärijä, during which the audience partied enthusiastically.

The reception varied from euphoria to confusion.

Some of the young women competing on the Dutch Urania recognized Windows 95 Man from Eurovision. After a brief explanation, others also understood the nature of the performance, and the girls chuckled approvingly. – A fun performance, they concluded.

On the other hand, four young members of the crew of the Polish mega-ship Dar Mlodziezyn were somewhat reserved. They did not know the artist, and the music style was not to their taste. – Okay party, but it’s way too bright here, was their comment.

However, the crew of the St IV boat from neighboring Estonia embraced Windows 95 Man warmly. They were already familiar with the artist and celebrated accordingly. – We’re all fans, they shouted.

After Windows 95 Man finished his set, DJ Academy’s representatives returned to the stage to continue entertaining the partygoers.

Overall, Windows 95 Man’s performance was a successful blend of nostalgia, humor, and community spirit. It left the audience in good spirits and added a delightful touch to the sailing event’s program. And this time, Keisteri’s denim shorts stayed securely in place.